The Personal Toll Of COVID | Stories From Our Heroes

All of the nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals of SEIU 1991 at Jackson Hospital in Miami have been personally impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Carol Robley, a nurse practitioner at Jackson Hospital, had difficulty balancing protecting her family and helping with her new grandchildren.

“While I’m so fortunate that my daughters recently gave birth to my new grandchildren, it’s been difficult to stay away from them. My new grandchildren are four weeks and two weeks old, and because of my profession and the patients that I come into contact with, I could be a silent carrier. So, I’ve stayed away.”

Others, like Daphne Stewart, a trauma I.C.U. Nurse at Jackson, have dealt with not being able to social distance with aging parents.

“My mother is a dialysis patient and she has to leave the house three times a week. If they have to be hospitalized and I’m not able to see them, the thought of that is unbearable. I can’t imagine that, a life like that. So I’m trying to keep them as safe as possible.”

Other nurses, like Debbie Alvarez, from the mother and baby unit at Jackson note how difficult it is to connect with patients.

“It’s hard for the patients to hear you. You have to speak a little louder, even when you’re shouting, sometimes they can still barely hear you.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s important for us to remember the sacrifices made by the healthcare heroes in our communities. We are incredibly thankful for the sacrifices that the doctors, nurses, and professionals from SEIU 1991 at Jackson Hospital have made to keep the Miami community safe.

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