Daily Decontamination | The New Healthcare Hero Routine

One of the biggest fears the nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals of SEIU 1991 have is bringing the work home with them. The healthcare heroes at Jackson Hospital are exposed to infections every day, including COVID-19. Despite the real threat to their families, they bravely press on and take extreme precautions to protect their loved ones.

Shelley Jones is one of the nurses of SEIU 1991. To keep her family safe, she started wearing multiple layers of clothing.

“I wear multiple layers including leggings, undergarments, a workout shirt, and even a dry fit shirt underneath my scrubs. This way I can easily shed the contaminated clothing at the end of the day and go home in clothes that have not been exposed.”

This procedure helps keep her car, home, and family virus-free. Other nurses, like Daphne Stewart, have started changing in their backyards

“I use an outdoor bathroom to shed all my contaminated clothes including my shoes before ever entering my house.”

Some members have even moved out of their home to protect their families. Dr. David Woolsey moved into his guest house and shared that many of his colleagues have taken similar steps.

“A block of apartments was even donated to Jackson caregivers so that they can rest easy knowing their family was safe. Many of my friends and colleagues did this, especially in the beginning until many were comfortable that the PPE really worked.”

However, all of the healthcare workers realize the sacrifice is worth it to keep their families and patients safe.

“Going into my house each night, knowing that I’m covered with this stuff, made no sense,” Dr. Woolsey shared.

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