Healthcare Workers Are Heroes
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Emergency Care in the
Time of COVID

COVID’s permanent impact on our healthcare system is undeniable. Policies and procedures have been forever altered by the pandemic. Dr. David Woolsey is an emergency

The Personal Toll of COVID | Stories From Our Heroes

All of the nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals of SEIU 1991 at Jackson Hospital in Miami have been personally impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Daily Decontamination | The New Healthcare Hero Routine

One of the biggest fears the nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals of SEIU 1991 have is bringing the work home with them. The healthcare heroes

Are You A
Healthcare Hero?

Frontline healthcare workers across Miami-Dade County are being asked to do more than ever. We want to share your stories to show our support. 

Does Your Business Support Heroes?

We’re proud of the way local businesses are stepping up to support healthcare heroes. If you’re offering any perks to frontline healthcare workers, let us know!

Will You Vote To Support Heroes?

Unfortunately, not every politician is doing their part to support healthcare heroes. If you’re willing to vote with our heroes, let us know below!

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